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Angela meets with clients at no cost. A consultation is a right that everyone should have. Angela honors a potential client's interest without any regular consultation fees or first-meeting charges that some firms employ. Discussions should be free. Should a potential client choose to pursue Angela's creative services, he or she will need to review the project rates below.

If you are looking for a photographer to capture memories at a birthday party, wedding, baptism, bar mitzvah, or any other kind of event, Angela has got you covered! A rate of $100 for three hours and an additional $10.00 for every hour after that is the basic charge for the day of the event. An hourly rate of $10.50 for editing is an additional but not required cost. Whatever your event, Angela can capture all the memories you need so you do not have to miss a beat.

Family and senior portraits run a little less than the regular photography rate. There are special packages to make the information a little more easy to understand.

Photo Packages

  1. Basic Package: 2 outfits, 1 location...                        $40
  2. Family Package: 3 outfits, 1-2 locations...                 $50
  3. Party Package: 4 outfits, 2-3 locations...                    $60
Any additional locations after 3 will be an extra $10.00 charge.
Print packages will vary.
These rates represent the "day-of" appointment. 
The regular $10.50 an hour for editing still applies should you opt in.
Prices include copyright.

Angela's videography skills surpass expectations of student filmmakers. With more experience than most undergrads, Angela has made engagement videos, music videos, and even a short film. Videos are much more time consuming than photography, so the rates for videography are a little higher. There are no standing fees for videos, but the hourly rate is $15.00 both for filming and editing. Your video can either be published via YouTube (or any online publishing) or Angela can burn it onto a DVD. For a digital copy only, your video will cost you only $10.00 for copyright and digital rights management. For DVDs, the copyright/DRM fee is $10.00, and an additional $10.00 per DVD.

Design Work
Graphic design is Angela's strong suit. With intermediate knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite CS6, Angela can create your dream designs. Need a graduation announcement? Got it. A wedding save-the-date? You bet. A business card or flyer? Definitely. Whatever it is you may need, Angela has got you covered. Some standing fees may apply for the cost of the usage of the programs and any stock images you may need. The basic payment is an hourly rate of $15.00 or a flat rate of $50.00. Graphic design contracts come with 3-4 samples and the copyright included. However, should you need your designs printed in-house or need Angela to communicate with a vendor, there will be additional costs.

All the payment and rates information can be discussed and clarified during consultations or by simply giving Angela a phone call. The door is wide open. Costs will be verified before any contracts are signed. Vendors will be agreed upon and contacted before any contracts are signed. Quotes will be given for absolutely no cost. If you have any questions regarding anything discussed here, please feel free to submit them using the contact bar below. Thank you!

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